Office hangover tip: Berroca and coffee works.

Cardinal sin: eating breakfast at your desk.

I don’t even care that you’re eating sweets for lunch, can you send me over a copy of that Polish proverb thingy you’ve got framed back there? 

xoxo, Sad Desk Lunch

Did you find all of this at the bottom of your shared office fridge?

Currently interrupting your feed with this delightful salad! Cheers, you luncher! This is the nicest lunch I’ve seen in a while. Now go outside.

Yes- you will be alone, forever.

Mom’s not looking.

"It was awesome as dinner last night. Today, in the blistering light of the sun, it just looks sad. Especially with the off the shelf, pre-cooked rice."

Sad desk lunch, yuppie pantry edition: Squeeze packet of chocolate almond butter and some Trader Joe’s seaweed snacks.