Mom’s not looking.

"It was awesome as dinner last night. Today, in the blistering light of the sun, it just looks sad. Especially with the off the shelf, pre-cooked rice."

Sad desk lunch, yuppie pantry edition: Squeeze packet of chocolate almond butter and some Trader Joe’s seaweed snacks. 

"What goes better with signing bullshit forms than my lunch in a sad tupperware?"

And just in time for Hump Day - here’s our first FoodtoEat submission, raw Broccoli with chicken. You poor soul :(

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A lone slice lays alone.

A lone slice lays alone.

FoodtoEat Hacks Sad Desk Lunch (or Sad Desk Lunch Hacked by FoodtoEat)
we’re teaming up to hack your sad desk lunch
Win a FREE lunch* & cupcakes from FoodtoEat. Here’s how:
(1) Submit a photo of your sad desk lunch to Sad Desk Lunch (
(2) The photo with the most combination of “loves” and notes wins a free lunch and cupcakes
Multiple entries encouraged. Tweeting your pics @foodtoeat also encouraged! 
More Important Deets: FoodtoEat is based in New York City so you must live or work in NYC to win. We’ll choose one winner. Contest runs from now until August 15th. We’ll announce the winner on Sad Desk Lunch shortly after 8/15/2014. *Up to $20 value for the lunch through Offer valid in New York City only. 
**P.S. That’s me up there!

In honor of the 4th of July, a Sad Desk Lunch from Germany.

"Cold discounter Leberkäse (Lidl) with Ikea Ketchup. Cost cutting in German newspaper business."